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Abortion August 26, 2008

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As a counselor at Birth Choice. I am faced with women in crisis who are seeking abortions. It is my job to inform them of the facts about abortion including the risks involved. I have worked at Birth Choice for 2 years, but this video is probably the worst I have seen on the heartlessness behind abortion. Please watch and see for yourself, because you need to know the truth. See which candidate for president is endorsing the killing of live births. You may have to copy and paste the web address below to view the video. PLEASE WATCH!!!


Loui Giglio August 24, 2008

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Tanner came home Wednesday night from church and he was so excited about the video he had just watched in the youth meeting. He talked about the video all the way home. He couldn’t wait for me to go out and buy it so we could watch it. Loui describes how big the universe is and how big God is who created the universe and that God holds the whole universe in the palm of His hands. He also explain that in view of God how very small we are in comparison. Here is a small sample of what we heard.


Putt-Putt Golf August 23, 2008

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My family enjoys playing putt-putt golf. We have a great place here that plays KLOVE Christian radio and has a beautiful setting; it is in the woods and has beautiful waterfalls, and a little creak running through it. It is very beautiful and peaceful. If you are in Jackson, TN you can check it out or check it out on the web We love it. We play often, usually once a week.

I had gotten to where I was not playing well so, I didn’t even want to go anymore. I am too competitive. Randy got to where he would say lets go play putt-putt and I would snurl my nose. He would start smack talking me, like you are just afraid I will beat you…blah blah blah. He knows how to rile me up. I usually would give in and go and yes, he beat me. Tanner our youngest son never wins, but he improves everytime we go. We use this as a lesson in the more you practice the better you become. Well last night Randy puts in to wanting to play putt-putt. I snurl my nose. He starts smack talking about taking me down. We go. We take Tanners friend Chris with us. Tanner starts out dominating. He is on his game. He is way ahead of me and Randy. I however am leading Randy. Tanner leads up until the last 4 holes. He loses his concentration. I then take the lead. Honestly, I would rather Tanner to win than me, but I was not going to cheat to let him win. I won with Tanner in second place. That’s right Randy was 3rd and Chris 4th. We had fun returning the smack talk. I told Randy he just got a lesson in humility. We had a great time hanging out as a family, except for the pesky mosquitos. I just thought you would enjoy celebrating my victory! Hahahahah.

Tanner, Chris, and Adam

Chris, Tanner, and Adam

Chris taking a putt.

Chris taking a putt.

Tanner taking a putt.

Tanner taking a putt.


Root Touch-Up

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I am in the middle of touching up the roots in my hair. I have been coloring my hair for years. As I have told you I am 40 and I have a 21 year old son. When I tell people that they react with mouths dropped open “you don’t look like you have a 21 year old.” They can’t believe I am 40. Well I give the credit to hair color, because if they saw the real color of my hair they would think I was older than 40. I have GRAY hair. My roots now are coming in gray. When they start to show I run out and by color to cover the roots. Isn’t that wonderful! We can look younger longer.

While applying the color to my hair, I got to thinking about sin and how it has a root. The only way to deal with the sin issue in our lives is to find the root cause. Sometimes it is not easy to find the root behind our sin. It could be pride, jealousy, anger, hurt , disappointment, unforgiveness, or even abuse. When we allow satan to take a foothold in our lives the result is usually sin. We need to pray and ask God to expose the root of our sin so we can cover it up with His forgiveness. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we are walking in forgiveness and freedom people we see a happier younger you. Don’t let sin get covered over, get to the root of the sin and let God pluck it out. For me unforgiveness has been the hardest to get rid of, kind of like stubborn gray. It takes longer sometimes to process.


Sunday Morning Worship! August 17, 2008

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As I was sitting in the worship service listening to Bro. Ben preach my husband nudges my arm and pointed to the baby across the way in the next pew. Randy knows what a sucker I am for babies. The baby looked so sweet sucking his thumb. I was caught up in watching the sweet little boy, he caught me looking at him and turned shyly to hide his face. He looked back again and smiled. I waved and he waved. He then started watching me and Randy as we smiled at him throughout the service. Randy would wave and he waved. I stuck out my tongue and he did the same. I know that was bad. I looked at the dad holding him and noticed how much he looked like his dad. It was hard to concentrate on the service with the cute little guy catching my eye next to me. I wanted so much to say, “hey, can I hold your baby”. I was also thinking, “I wish I had my camera so I could take his picture.

I thought about how cute it was how he mimicked everything me and Randy did. That is how we should be as children of God, we should imitate our heavenly father. I also noticed how much he looked like his dad. We should look so much like our “dad” that people notice the resemblance.  How good are you at looking like your heavenly father. I know I fall short everyday. It is my hearts desire to be an imitator of Christ. I want to represent Him well. I want people to say, “you look like your “dad”.


Photography “One of my passions”

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Photography is one of my many passions. I do love to take pictures. I love to look through the lens of my camera and captivate the beauty I see around me. I love to capture memories of my friends and family. A picture has a way of reminding us of the past and can help us share in days gone by. I absolutely love looking through the lens of my camara searching for the perfect portrait. I try to look beyond the subject I am photographing to make sure nothing is lurking in the background trying to ruin the perfect picture.

Satan is like the object in the background that you don’t notice until you develop the picture and then you see it, some ugly object ruining the perfect picture you were trying to captivate. Satan is lurking around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. He watches for the perfect opportunity to pounce on us with some sin we don’t even recognize until we are caught up in it…..pride is one of those sins that we don’t realize until it has us trapped. Look carefully at your life and see what may be hidden in the background of your heart that keeps us from being the perfect picture of Christ that we were meant to be.

Yesterday, I took Jessica’s senior picture. They are definitely not perfect, but we had fun making them. I will confess that I did not sleep well and I was a nervous wreck just thinking about making her pictures. I wanted to much to do a good job. Senior pictures are a big deal and I wanted to capture Jessica and her unique personality. We took over 120 pictures. Here are a few for you to check out. Leave me your comments.

close up

close upJessica chasing after the ducks.

Walking the rails...don't lose your balance.

Walking the rails...don

Let's play footsey.
Let’s play footsie.

Jessica chasing the ducks.
Jessica chasing the ducks.


’08 OLYMPICS August 15, 2008

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What can I say about the Olympics. I am captivated and stay up every night watching until the end. We have some amazing athlete’s representing the USA.

Michael Phelps: World Champ Swimmer – He already has 6 Gold Medals and 6 World Records. What an amazing swimmer. He is awesome to watch.

Life in the fast lane

Nastia Liukin: Gold Medal in Gymnastics – She had an amazing night last nigt.


American Nastia Liukin wins Women's All-Around Gymnastics gold

Shawn Johnson: Silver Medal in Gymnastics- She is a Gold Medal winner in my book.

May/Walsh- Women’s Beach Volleyball- Unbeatable so far. They are amazing.




We have so many wonderful talented athletes I can not name them all. These have got my attention so far.


Watching the Olympics has made me think about what one passion I would like to dedicate my life to. I like so many things, I don’t think I could pick just one. These guys have a true passion for their sport. They eat, breathe and sleep their chosen sport. They spend their whole life devoted to mastering their skills. They sacrifice everything elso so they can become #1 in the world.

The only thing I can think of that I want a Gold Medal  in is bringing glory and honor to my Lord. I want to use my gifts and talents for Him. I want Him to be able to say “Well done my good and faithful servant”. That would be Gold for me.

What about you, what is your passion?