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’08 OLYMPICS August 15, 2008

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What can I say about the Olympics. I am captivated and stay up every night watching until the end. We have some amazing athlete’s representing the USA.

Michael Phelps: World Champ Swimmer – He already has 6 Gold Medals and 6 World Records. What an amazing swimmer. He is awesome to watch.

Life in the fast lane

Nastia Liukin: Gold Medal in Gymnastics – She had an amazing night last nigt.


American Nastia Liukin wins Women's All-Around Gymnastics gold

Shawn Johnson: Silver Medal in Gymnastics- She is a Gold Medal winner in my book.

May/Walsh- Women’s Beach Volleyball- Unbeatable so far. They are amazing.




We have so many wonderful talented athletes I can not name them all. These have got my attention so far.


Watching the Olympics has made me think about what one passion I would like to dedicate my life to. I like so many things, I don’t think I could pick just one. These guys have a true passion for their sport. They eat, breathe and sleep their chosen sport. They spend their whole life devoted to mastering their skills. They sacrifice everything elso so they can become #1 in the world.

The only thing I can think of that I want a Gold Medal  in is bringing glory and honor to my Lord. I want to use my gifts and talents for Him. I want Him to be able to say “Well done my good and faithful servant”. That would be Gold for me.

What about you, what is your passion?


One Response to “’08 OLYMPICS”

  1. Wanda Says:

    I think passionately about most stuff (I’m obnoxious like that)! But to be honest, I really feel a lot like you do. I want so badly to be pleasing to God (and man, do I fail).
    I would be more than satisfied to know that God is blessed by me and proud of me.
    He’s worth the effort! I pray each day for His help in making me more like Him!
    He is the true GOLD!
    Love W

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