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Photography “One of my passions” August 17, 2008

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Photography is one of my many passions. I do love to take pictures. I love to look through the lens of my camera and captivate the beauty I see around me. I love to capture memories of my friends and family. A picture has a way of reminding us of the past and can help us share in days gone by. I absolutely love looking through the lens of my camara searching for the perfect portrait. I try to look beyond the subject I am photographing to make sure nothing is lurking in the background trying to ruin the perfect picture.

Satan is like the object in the background that you don’t notice until you develop the picture and then you see it, some ugly object ruining the perfect picture you were trying to captivate. Satan is lurking around like a lion seeking whom he may devour. He watches for the perfect opportunity to pounce on us with some sin we don’t even recognize until we are caught up in it…..pride is one of those sins that we don’t realize until it has us trapped. Look carefully at your life and see what may be hidden in the background of your heart that keeps us from being the perfect picture of Christ that we were meant to be.

Yesterday, I took Jessica’s senior picture. They are definitely not perfect, but we had fun making them. I will confess that I did not sleep well and I was a nervous wreck just thinking about making her pictures. I wanted to much to do a good job. Senior pictures are a big deal and I wanted to capture Jessica and her unique personality. We took over 120 pictures. Here are a few for you to check out. Leave me your comments.

close up

close upJessica chasing after the ducks.

Walking the rails...don't lose your balance.

Walking the rails...don

Let's play footsey.
Let’s play footsie.

Jessica chasing the ducks.
Jessica chasing the ducks.


One Response to “Photography “One of my passions””

  1. Wanda Says:

    Beaut-i-ful! You’re my favorite photographer! I wish I could be in your photo shoot too.
    You rock!
    You’re right about satan too. He’s lurking around…..we better be on guard.
    Love ya

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