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Sunday Morning Worship! August 17, 2008

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As I was sitting in the worship service listening to Bro. Ben preach my husband nudges my arm and pointed to the baby across the way in the next pew. Randy knows what a sucker I am for babies. The baby looked so sweet sucking his thumb. I was caught up in watching the sweet little boy, he caught me looking at him and turned shyly to hide his face. He looked back again and smiled. I waved and he waved. He then started watching me and Randy as we smiled at him throughout the service. Randy would wave and he waved. I stuck out my tongue and he did the same. I know that was bad. I looked at the dad holding him and noticed how much he looked like his dad. It was hard to concentrate on the service with the cute little guy catching my eye next to me. I wanted so much to say, “hey, can I hold your baby”. I was also thinking, “I wish I had my camera so I could take his picture.

I thought about how cute it was how he mimicked everything me and Randy did. That is how we should be as children of God, we should imitate our heavenly father. I also noticed how much he looked like his dad. We should look so much like our “dad” that people notice the resemblance.  How good are you at looking like your heavenly father. I know I fall short everyday. It is my hearts desire to be an imitator of Christ. I want to represent Him well. I want people to say, “you look like your “dad”.


One Response to “Sunday Morning Worship!”

  1. Wanda Says:

    Oh you do…in so many ways, friend. I can always count on you to point me to Jesus. Thanks for that.

    And quit teaching innocent little kids at church how to misbehave!!! Missy!


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