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Putt-Putt Golf August 23, 2008

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My family enjoys playing putt-putt golf. We have a great place here that plays KLOVE Christian radio and has a beautiful setting; it is in the woods and has beautiful waterfalls, and a little creak running through it. It is very beautiful and peaceful. If you are in Jackson, TN you can check it out or check it out on the web We love it. We play often, usually once a week.

I had gotten to where I was not playing well so, I didn’t even want to go anymore. I am too competitive. Randy got to where he would say lets go play putt-putt and I would snurl my nose. He would start smack talking me, like you are just afraid I will beat you…blah blah blah. He knows how to rile me up. I usually would give in and go and yes, he beat me. Tanner our youngest son never wins, but he improves everytime we go. We use this as a lesson in the more you practice the better you become. Well last night Randy puts in to wanting to play putt-putt. I snurl my nose. He starts smack talking about taking me down. We go. We take Tanners friend Chris with us. Tanner starts out dominating. He is on his game. He is way ahead of me and Randy. I however am leading Randy. Tanner leads up until the last 4 holes. He loses his concentration. I then take the lead. Honestly, I would rather Tanner to win than me, but I was not going to cheat to let him win. I won with Tanner in second place. That’s right Randy was 3rd and Chris 4th. We had fun returning the smack talk. I told Randy he just got a lesson in humility. We had a great time hanging out as a family, except for the pesky mosquitos. I just thought you would enjoy celebrating my victory! Hahahahah.

Tanner, Chris, and Adam

Chris, Tanner, and Adam

Chris taking a putt.

Chris taking a putt.

Tanner taking a putt.

Tanner taking a putt.


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