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Abortion August 26, 2008

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As a counselor at Birth Choice. I am faced with women in crisis who are seeking abortions. It is my job to inform them of the facts about abortion including the risks involved. I have worked at Birth Choice for 2 years, but this video is probably the worst I have seen on the heartlessness behind abortion. Please watch and see for yourself, because you need to know the truth. See which candidate for president is endorsing the killing of live births. You may have to copy and paste the web address below to view the video. PLEASE WATCH!!!


2 Responses to “Abortion”

  1. Wanda Says:

    I pray for you….this is one tough ministry, sister! I’m also proud that you serve in this way.
    God will use you….you are very gifted and have a passion for other’s.
    Keep on keepin on!
    Love W

  2. Wanda Says:


    I can’t get this to cut/paste…..can you try to repost?
    Just wondering!

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