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Thanks Don August 15, 2008

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I would like to thank Don and Wanda for getting my blog up and running. It just keeps getting better and better. Don you are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to help me.


Check Out 7 Year old Connie Talbot August 14, 2008

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Dad’s Story! August 11, 2008

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Dad had been in ICU twice since December and was still not improving. Finally, the doctor’s discovered the cause of why he was losing blood and why his heart and kidney’s were going into failure. They found that he had kidney cancer and the cancer had killed the left kidney, grew into the right kidney, through the liver and into the heart by way of the main veinacava vein. It did not look good. We had trouble finding a hospital to accept him since he did not have insurance and they were not expecting him to survive the surgery needed to remove the cancer. Finally, Centennial Hospital in Nashville, TN accepted him and they still did not give us much hope of survival. We said our goodbyes as they wheeled him away for surgery. To our surprise the surgery went well, far better than the doctors expected. He was in ICU for a few days and stayed in the hospital about a week and a half and came home. He is now doing well and is cancer free.


We prayed with dad every night. Churches all over were lifting prayers up for dad. Several pastors came and prayed over him as well. Mat 21:22 And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Isa 53:5 But he [was] wounded for our transgressions, [he was] bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace [was] upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Praise the Lord!!! My dad is proof that miracles still take place today.  1Ch 29:13 Now therefore, our God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name.


My Dad a Cancer Surviver

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Dad on the left in white hat ready to take his survivor lap.

Dad on the left in white hat ready to take his survivor lap.

This weekend was the “Relay for Life” in my hometown. My sister Melanie was a team captain for her team. She has worked really hard trying to raise money for her team. She has a real passion this year since our dad almost died from cancer back in February. Melanie wanted all the family there to support dad as he made his survivor lap. It was very moving to see all the cancer survivors proudly walking that victory lap. Another moving part of the event was the luminary service in honor of the survivors and in memory of the ones who lost the battle to cancer. There were so many thousands of bags with a person’s name on it who had been affected by cancer. Each bag was lit and the lights were turned out and as the glow from the bags luminated the park we marched around the track and read the names represented and I for one prayed for the families effected by this horrible disease.

Survivor handprints

Survivor handprints

Melanie and Mikayla taking a lap.

Melanie and Mikayla taking a lap.Dustin and Kandace enjoy a lap.

Dustin and Kandace enjoying their lap.

Dustin and Kandace enjoying their lap.


Hanging with my sister and her family. August 4, 2008

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This weekend was tax free weekend my sister, Melanie, and her kids, Matt and Mikayla, and my son Dustin came to visit so we could shop til we drop and save that whole whappin 10%. I know crazy isn’t it. If I found something on sale for 10% off I wouldn’t give it a second look. The good thing was that most stores were also having huge sales to boot. We shopped all day Saturday and 1/2 the day Sunday. It was so hot and hummid it was miserable. We did enjoy eating at Zaxby’s and treating ourselves to Maggie Moo’s ice cream. If you haven’t tried Maggie Moo’s you will have to give it a try. It is amazing. Not only did we shop but we played corn hole and went putt-putt golfing. We have a great putt-putt golf course here in Jackson called Casey Jones Mini Golf Check out their website and pictures. It is a christian business that has KLOVE playing all the time. It is also beautiful with it’s waterfalls, and a stream running through it. On Sunday after church we went to Outback where my son Cody works and had him to serve us. The kids had a blast cooling off on the slip and slide.

Melanie and Mikayla

Melanie and Mikayla

 We had a great weekend together. I love spending time with my sister and her kids.


Family Day @ “The Land Between the Lakes” August 2, 2008

Earlier in the week my husband discovered that we both had the day off on Thursday. Since we hardly ever have the same day off and he works every Saturday, Randy said “LET”S DO SOMETHING”!!!

That sounding so exciting…UNTIL…we had to decide how to spend our day. We both start surfing the net for “SOMETHING TO DO….WITHIN 150 MILES OR SO. I say hey how about St. Louis, Six Flags, Canoeing, or a Water Park.

Randy not much for water is like wellllll….How about “The Land Between the Lakes”.

I am not much for riding in the car looking for wildlife so I say “WHATEVER”!

Thursday arrives and we still have “NO CLUE” where we are going to spend our day…I didn’t even mention the boys putting in there 2 cents worth. It becomes total chaos.

We head out to pick Jessica (Cody’s Girlfriend) up, still not knowing which direction we are going in. I am totally stressed out. I can not handle chaos well at all. The guys are like lets just go and see where we land. Yeah right!!!! I am ready to say “GO HOME”.

Randy wins, mainly because I gave up and tell him to just plan the day. He then decided on “The Land Between the Lakes”. We all moan and groan. The day starts out with a two hour car drive with everyone complaining. You get the picture.

Our first stop inside The Land Between the Lakes  is the Homeplace. This is a working farm back in the early 1800’s where the workers dress in costumes of that time period and work the farm just like they did back then. This was a fun place. I love to read books during this time period or Amish so this was a treat to me. They also had farm animals you could pet.

Old Homeplace

Old Homeplace

We all had a ball roaming over the farm talking to the workers and learning about the early 1800’s. We also took lots of pictures and petted the animals. The only animals I didn’t like were the pigs….THEY STUNK.
You will have to check this place out if you are ever at “The Land Between the Lakes”.
After leaving the old homeplace we toured the Elk and Bisen. We then went and swam in the Kentucky Lake.
It was getting suppertime by now so we stopped at a BP and asked where we could find a good place to eat. The lady said Patti’s has the best 2″ inch pork chop you have ever eaten, but it is about a 40 minute drive in the opposite direction. We decide to go….
AND I AM SO GLAD WE DID….This was the HIGHLIGHT of our trip. You have to check this place out. AWESOME!!!!!
Patti’s 1880 Settlement is such a unique place with gardens, waterfalls, a wedding chapel, petting zoo, gift shops and the best food around. As they say a picture is work a thousand words so you will have to see for yourself.
The Wedding Chapel

The Wedding Chapel

A view of the gardens.
These pics do not do it justice. The food was so amazing. You will have to try the 2″ pork chop. You may have to share because it is alot of food. Check out. Patti’s Settlement.
I did have a little unexpected excitement when I needed to go to the restroom at the restaurant. I opened the door and this is what I saw…
Indian Joe

Indian Joe

I would definetly recommend this trip to anyone. The day was almost perfect…the only thing missing was Dustin and Kandace.
See Randy can plan a fun day. I will trust him next time. Yeah right.