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My Baby Turns 21 September 8, 2008

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It is hard to believe that little bundle of joy that I brought home 21 years ago is all grown up. It has been a wonderful journey. I feel blessed that God chose me to be Dustin’s mom. He is a very talented, gifted, intelligent and a godly young man. I know I am biased, but it is all true.

My sweet baby!

My sweet baby!Dustin

Dustin's 21st Birthday!

Dustin 21st. Birthday

We celebrated his birthday for 3 days. It was packed full with activities. We got up early Saturday morning and went to Nashville. We took Tanner our youngest son to get autographs from Cletus Hog and Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard. This was not my idea of fun. We were definetly out of our element. We were in redneckville. It was bad. However, Tanner loved it. We stood in line for 2 hours to get these autographs. He was so excited. What parents do for their kids.


We finally leave and head to the zoo. It was a hot and humid day to walk around the Nashville zoo to look at animals. This was Dustin’s favorite thing to do. He was in heaven. He was like a kid in a candy store. We ran from one animal to the next. We spent about 4 hours at the zoo.

At the Zoo!

At the Zoo!

Dustin and Kandace at the zoo!

Dustin and Kandace at the zoo!

Kiss Me!

Kiss Me!

 After we left the zoo, we were all nasty and sweaty, but we freshened up the best we could in the car and we went to eat at CozyMel’s Mexican Restaurant. It was ok. but not the best in the world. We had a rude waiter. The food was not that great either, but we made the most of it. Of course we had to stop by Lifeway for a few minutes and buy the next Loui Giglio video. We watched both videos one going to Nashville and the new one on the way home. When we got back to my parents we let them watch them too.

Sunday, I cooked a big meal and all of my family come over to celebrate. We ate and then we had a big cornhole tournement. We paired off and had a double elimination tournement. Dustin and Randy won. Me and my sister came in 3rd. My two nephews got second, Matthew and Dylan. They beat everyone except Randy and Dustin. We had a great time of competitive family time. It didn’t stop there though. We got so hot playing cornhole that my brother Donnie invited us all to his house for a pool party. There we had a big pool volleyball competition. When we get together we are going to find some type of competition. We love to play together. It was a blast. I love to hang out with my family.

Melanie concentrating!

Melanie concentrating!

The Champs!

The Champs!

Monday, the actually birthday. We go to Randy’s parents and have a cook out with his parents, they made homemade ice cream ,yummy, chocolate and vanilla. His mom also had homemade strawberry jam to put on the vanilla. It was all good. We played cornhole there too. Me and Randy played Dustin and Kandace of course me and Randy won. We even got Randy’s mom to play. Jonathan, Kayla and Gloria come down and get in on the cornhole action. Dustin leaves to go off to celebrate with Kandace so that ends his 3 day birthday celebration.


2 Responses to “My Baby Turns 21”

  1. Wanda Says:


    That’s all you like to do……P A R T Y !!!!!

    See why we’re such buds??



    I love him…..very much! And you!
    Miss ems!

  2. Allie Says:

    I HAD to mention this…guy in the orange shirt looks like Uncle Buck! Hilarious!

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