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Union University “Back to School” September 8, 2008

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As most of you know Union University was hit by an F4 tornado back in February. 17 buildings were damaged. It was an awful site. It reminded me of Hurricane Katrina pictures, that was all I could compare it to.

My husband just graduated from Union in December and our two sons Dustin and Cody go to Union. We live just about a couple of miles from Union.

Dustin lived in the dorms for 3 years and he decided in January that he was going to move back home. Cody lived on campus for one semester. Dustin was suppose to be giving a piano lesson the day of the tornado. His student didn’t show up, so he decided to come home. He arrives home just as the tornado alarms are going off. I was home alone when they went off. Randy and Tanner had ran to the store. They missed the tornado by 10 minutes. It hit across the road from the store they were at. Cody was at work and he heard the tornado. Everyone gets home except Cody. We keep hearing the alarms blaring and then sirens. Dustin gets a text message saying Union had been hit. We were in shock. We wanted to go and help, but the news said for everyone to stay put. We felt helpless. This was our school. We wanted to be there. Cody leaves work and goes to Union. He tells us how devastated Union was. That cars were piled up everywhere and that several buildings were destroyed. He has a heard time making it home because of all the debris. We feel helpless all we can do is pray and trust the creator of the universe to be with the students that are trapped under the rubble. God was indeed with our students. Out of over 2,000 students not one was killed and only few were hurt enough to go to the hospital. Praise the Lord!!

Today, Union University if back in business. The dorms have been rebuilt. Students head back to school today including my two sons. Union is almost back to normal. The only thing not fixed is our beautiful clock tower that stands in the middle of the campus. It is what gives Union its character. It is the centerpiece of Union. It is amazing how quickly our campus was rebuilt. We have a record number of students this year and already need to build more dorms to house the students. God has his hand on Union University.

Union after the storm
Union after the storm


Union’s Clock Tower

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