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Sarah Palin – Piper Palin licks brother September 10, 2008

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I am not big into politics. I do vote, but I am not one to listen to all the debates and speaches made by the candidates. I usually get my info from Christian radio or other Christian sources.

I did however watch Sarah Palin’s speach. I was so impressed with her. She talked with such confidence and poise. I couldn’t stop watching and listening to her. I believe she is a women of conviction and principle. I believe she does have what it takes to be VP.

I especially liked meeting her family. The sweetest moment was when Piper licked her hand to smooth down her baby brothers hair…PRICELESS!!! It was one of those aahhh moments. Too cute!

If you missed it you can see a replay on you tube.

Also check out Piper Gel…hilarious.

This family has my prayers.


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