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Dr. David Platt @ Union University October 9, 2008

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Today I went to chapel at Union University where my 2 oldest sons go to college. They were having their faith in practice week at Union. This is the week where they bring in dynamic speakers to challenge the students. David was there last year, the year before that was Vodie Baucham. It is an exciting time at Union. I love it that not only students get to go but everyone else is welcome too. I love to go and pretend I am a college student and just blend into the crowd…yeah right….me and my 40 year old self…hahahah who am I kidding….anyway I do love to get to hear these awesome speakers.

David is a young outstanding preacher, he is only 29-30 year old, but he can preach. He is the pastor of Brook Hills Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL. He is a powerful speaker. He challenged us today to live the commission set forth in Matthew 28: 18-20. He said that every saved person should be sharing, showing, teaching, and serving no matter what our career is. We are to be willing to risk our lives for the sake of the gospel. It is everyones responsibility to tell others about Christ and to teach them His truths. He said that we are to MAKE disciples for Christ. He was very convicting.

I had seen David speak at Student Life camp and what makes him so unique is that he not only reads and studies the Word of God, but he puts it to memory. He quoted ALL of Psalm 119. I mean every word. Look at Psalm 119 and just see how long it is. It was the most moving and powerful thing I have ever witnessed. The Spirit of God just began to move all over the room and people just started standing in awe as he quoted the Word of God. Last year my sons told me that he quoted Romans 1-8. That is chapters 1 – 8 not verses. They said the same moving of the Spirit happened at Union. I was so sad that I missed. I will miss it again this year because he usually quotes scripture on the last day and I will have to work. I am not sure why memorized scripture is so much more powerful than just read scripture, but it is. If you ever get a chance to hear David you need to go. He will challenge you to walk closer with the Lord. check out more about Dr. Platt


One Response to “Dr. David Platt @ Union University”

  1. Wanda Says:

    All I can say is WOW!

    It gives me chills….just imagining it.

    What discipline!

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