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The Least of These November 4, 2008

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Sunday, was a great day. What is it about giving to others that makes you feel good inside. As I blogged about before I help with a Backyard Bible Club at the project housing behind our church on Sunday afternoons. I look forward to seeing the kids each week they are so precious. I love to hold the little ones in my arms and run and play with the older kids. Sometimes even the mom’s come to watch and I get a chance to talk to them too. This is the highlight of my week. It also makes me appreciate the family and home I have when I see how little these families have and the lifestyles that some of them live.

Sunday night Randy, my husband, was going on church visitation and he saw a homeless man wondering around the church. He went up to the man to see if he could help him. The man said he was there for service. He was about an hour and half early. Randy told him where he could go to wait until service started. During worship Randy saw the man sitting across from us. Randy was so burdened for the man. He was an older man probably in his 60’s. We watched him as the ushers passed the plate. It broke my heart to see what he did. He pulled out his billfold and showed the guy next to him that it was empty. After the service Randy went over to talk to him, I followed. The man was really friendly. He told us he just found himself in circumstances that caused him to be homeless in the past few years. Randy asked him about his salvation and he said he definetly knew the Lord. He said he even felt called by God to write music and sing. He showed Randy some of his work and Randy said it was pretty good. We wanted to see if we could help the guy out. Tanner my son had gotten a gift card to Zaxby’s for a free meal so Tanner gave that to him. I found the outreach director and asked if there was any food left from our meal, from Olive Garden. She went to check and found enough to make him a to go sackful of food. I asked another minister if he would go talk to him and see what the church could do. The church put him up for a night at a hotel. Randy drove him over to the hotel. We put him in touch with all of the area relief ministries that could help him more. Our church helps area relief during the winter months by sponsoring a “Room at the Inn’. We take in the homeless and let them sleep in the church and feed them. Several churches participate to help them have a place each night.

I believe God wants us to do our part in helping the least of these. It is an honor for me to serve the ones in need. Who knows that we could find ourselves in similar situations and we would want someone to be kind to us.

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Do to others as you would have them do to you. Luke 6:31


One Response to “The Least of These”

  1. wandergirl66 Says:

    You always did have a soft heart!

    I’m glad you do.

    Crowns……with jewels! For that Tanman too!

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