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Give Thanks, Save Money: Win $500 Walmart Gift Card December 2, 2008

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Could you use an extra $500 this time of year I know I could. If you want a chance to win check out To Think is to Create.


One Response to “Give Thanks, Save Money: Win $500 Walmart Gift Card”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a great prize. This would take care of the gifts and the Turkey in my house.

    My tip:
    My hubby and I are Finacial Peace University facilitators and we’re big on the envelope system. Every year in January we make our budget and we allow so much every month for the Christmas envelope because we don’t need the added stress of unorganized finances during the holidays. The day before Thanksgiving I get out all of my Christmas money and I fill up separate envelopes for each person I have to buy for. There is no debit card allowed when shopping. Once little Mikey’s envelope is empty, little Mikey gets no more toys. It’s so freeing having financial peace during the holidays.
    Paula G. <

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