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A Christmas Reflection December 6, 2008

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This time of the year brings with it many memories from the past, some pleasant memories and some not so pleasant. I can remember one Christmas in particular. It was the first Christmas that we were in Florida. My husband had been called into full time ministry. We moved from Tennessee to Florida so he could go to Florida Baptist Theological College. We moved to Flordia on faith trusting God to provide for all of our needs. We knew He had called us to Florida so we sold everything we had in Tennesse and moved to Florida with 3 small sons. We had just enough money to pay the first months rent and utilities with no extra money. Randy got a part time job which barely paid our bills. He went to school full time and worked part time and was interim pastor of a small church. I had 3 preschoolers, so I was a stay at home mom. Money was tight. As Christmas time approached we were not sure what we were going to do. We had 40 family members on our list to buy gifts for. We called them and said we could not swap gifts this year because we did not have the money. Each one said don’t worry about buying us gifts, but we still want to buy gifts for your family. This did not help the situation. It was a nice jester, but it made us feel like we still needed to give them gifts as well. I cried and prayed about what to do. Finally, the Lord laid a poem on my heart so I had it typed up and printed on Christmas paper and framed. I gave each family a copy and they all shed tears as they read it. It turned out that a gift from the heart meant more than all the presents we had given in the past.

Have you ever stopped to think about last Christmas and what you got in way of gifts. I have a hard time remembering myself. The Christmas in Florida was a Christmas I will never forget. God taught me that spending time with family and friends is more important than baught presents. Do you have a special Christmas memory to share. I have others I will share in the days to come so check back and take a stroll down memory lane with me.

 Here is the poem I gave to all our family…


A Family Who Cares

We want to take this special time to share a thought or two,

To tell you just how much we love you, just because your you.


Not because of presents or anything you do,

We are just glad to say we love you for being you.


We want to say we miss you each and every day,

And nothing makes us prouder than to be with you today.


For Christmas is a special time to be with those you love,

And here is where we want to be just ask our Lord above.


It is good to spend this time with you our loving family,

To remember all the fun we had the way it used to be.


But let us not forget the reason for this day

Cause Jesus Christ who came and died, all our debts did pay.


He gave us love and happiness that no one can compare,

And in it all He gave us you, A Family Who Cares.


By: Randy and Marilyn







3 Responses to “A Christmas Reflection”

  1. seriouswhimsey Says:

    Your poem so clearly shows that when we have the Lord and our family, we have everything. Truly, as the Bible says, “the greatest of these is love.” What lovely thoughts on your blog.

  2. seriouswhimsey Says:

    I just read your comment on Wanda’s blog. I’ll be praying for Dustin.

  3. Blessings to you this holiday season.
    Please visit my Friday post and enter my giveaway.

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