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What a mess he’s gotten himself into!!! December 20, 2008

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Dustin, my 21-year-old son, has found himself in an unlikely mess. It is too serious to be funny, yet somehow, it is funny. Dustin is my child who is a perfectionist. He had a 4.0 throughout High School and he was so upset when he made his first and only B in college. He is a rule follower like his mom. He wants to do well at whatever he does and if he doesn’t think he will do well, he won’t even try. He will graduate at the top of his class at Union in May. He also follows the law and usually drives the speed limit most of the time.

So, here goes the story. Back in April, Dustin was coming home from visiting his girlfriend who lives 3 hours away. He was coming through a small town and did not notice that the speed limit had changed from 45 to 30 (can you say speed trap). He was driving 47 mph when a policeman gets behind him and turns on his lights to pull him over. Dustin pulls over and gets a ticket for speeding. Dustin said, “I was not speeding I was going 47 in a 45.” The officer says, “the speed limit is 30 mph.” Dustin says, “I did not see a sign”…blah, blah, blah….anyway he gets a speeding ticket and a day to show up in court.


Well his court day is in May, and he was again visiting his girlfriend 3 hours away. He would have to drive an hour and a half to go to court with gas prices at close to $4 per gallon. Well, his dad wants to come to the rescue. He calls the city clerk’s office to see how he could take care of the ticket without going to court. He tells her that he is a college student and doesn’t need to spend money on gas to get there. She said, “If he is a college student, I am sure the judge will let him off with a warning and 6 months probation.” She said that Dustin needed to fax in proof that he is a college student and she would take it to the judge and see what he would do. Dustin then faxes all the information she requested. She calls Dustin and tells him that he does not need to come to court that he just better not get another ticket in this town in the next 6 months. So, we assume it is all taken care of….

not…we get a letter in mail a couple of months ago that says that since Dustin did not show up in court that he is in danger of losing his liscense. Randy calls back and talks to the same lady. She said, “I remember talking to you and it is just an oversight, I will take care of it”. Randy calls back to make sure she had it all worked out. She informs him that it is all taken care of. …

not…we get home Thursday night at midnight after being gone for two days to my grandmother’s funeral and find a letter in the mail stating that Dustin’s liscense has been SUSPENDED!!!! I can not tell you how upset and stressed out I have been about this.

Randy and Dustin have been on the phone with these people trying to get this straightened out, but at this point it is still not worked out…

I am thinking…Dustin, you cannot drive or you will go to jail…what about insurance…what about your perfect record…it has been so stressful.

Dustin called me yesterday and said, “mom, I am having to drive to choir practice because we are singing at Graduation tonight and no one can drive me. I am at work and so is Cody and Dad.” I talked to him the whole way and he is freaking out everytime he sees a cop. I was so tense. I said they will carry you to jail if you get pulled over or wind up in an accident. He makes it there and back fine. Me and Randy take him to graduation and pick him up. He tells his classmates about it and they laugh and say…you would be the last person I would have ever thought would lose their license.

Like I said, it is too serious to be funny, but if you knew Dustin, it is hilarious that he would be in this much trouble with the law. He is freaking out wanting to get his record cleared up. He said if dad would have left it alone I would have went to court and paid the ticket and everything would be ok. Dad of course was just trying to be a hero.

 I am sure it will get worked out, but it is driving me nuts worrying about him getting arrested on a SUSPENDED LICENSE!!! Please Mr. Policeman don’t take my baby to jail.img_0532

 P.S. Randy just got off the phone with the judge. He called the judge at home. He is only in the office once a month for a few hours. When the judge answered the phone he said are you calling me as a “judge” or “lawyer”. Can I say “Mayberry”. Randy was talking to him like he knew him. He said the judge was on speakerphone. Randy was calling him by his first name. I was like that is suppose to be “Your Honor”, or “Mr. Judge, Sir”. He said he was talking like a good ole boy. This town is so small that the clerk is also the dispatcher. The judge is also the lawyer…and so on. At this point the judge said he will handle everything and clear his name, but it could take a while. Praise the Lord! So, Dustin will have to be chauffeured around for while. Hopefully he will not end up in jail with “Otis, the town drunk”.



One Response to “What a mess he’s gotten himself into!!!”

  1. wanda Says:

    Oh brother…..I knew it! He’s a wild child rebel!

    Poor kid.

    We’ll pray he gets legal soon.

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