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What a SURPRISE!! January 19, 2009

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I was just sitting around Saturday morning wondering what I was going to do. My husband had to work until 8:00 p.m. My sister called and asked what I was doing. I said nothing really, why  don’t you come so we can hang out. She lives about 3 hours away, so we don’t get to hang out as much as we would like. I said you could at least come spend the day with me, even if you can’t spend the night. She informs me that she already has plans with her husband. So, there goes that idea. I am not good at just chillin on Saturday. I like to be busy. I had already cleaned the house, so now what. I do some laundry. I call to chat with my mom. I get another call from my sister. I put my mom on hold to see what my sister is wanting, since we just hung up a few minutes ago. I think maybe she has changed her mind. I click over and say what’s up. She was laughing and said she was just a few minutes from my house. She was already on her way here when we had our last conversation. I was so excited. My sister, her son and daughter are coming for the weekend. I was glad that I already had the house clean. I even had groceries in the house. Now I can enjoy my sister and her kids for the weekend. 

They get here and we start trying to figure out what to do. They were hungry so we go to eat at Zaxby’s. Then we do what most women do when they get together…we go to the MALL. We hang out at the mall for a few hours shopping, or looking. We decide it is time for some Maggie Moo’s ice cream….YUMMY!!! While at the mall Melanie, my sister, bought a new Wii game. It had volleyball on it. We love to play volleyball so we try our hand at Wii volleyball. It was so hard at first trying to figure out how to pump, set, and spike with the remote. We were so frustrated at first. Melanie was about to take it back to Game Stop. We finally get the hang of it. We decided we would have a 6 man double elimination tournament. Matthew, my nephew, was champ, my son Dustin came in second, and yours truly took 3rd, with Mel at 4th, Kandace 5th, and Randy, my man, 6th. We played until late at night. We laughed so hard that we wet our pants….or at least I did. Melanie made a video of me playing….I told her I would kill her if she did not delete it….thankfully she took me seriously and deleted it….now I won’t have to go to jail for murder.

After church we go eat some serious Mexican food at my favorite Mexican restaurant Los Portales. We scarf down some chips, cheese dip and salsa. After we get our bellies full we head  back to my house for another round of Wii volleyball. Dustin borrowed 2 more controllers from a friend so we can play teams. We have 3 teams, me and Melanie, Dustin and Kandace, and Randy and Matthew. This time me and Melanie are the CHAMPS!!

It was such a great surprise to have Melanie and the kids come for the weekend. We always have a good time when we get together. We have always been close. I am thankful the Lord gave me Melanie for a sister and best friend. I love her kids as if they are mine. It broke my heart when I called to see if they made it home and Mikayla was crying wanting her Aunt Marilyn. It is times like these that it is hard to be in the ministry and not live close to our family.


2 Responses to “What a SURPRISE!!”

  1. wanda Says:

    Whoa….you came in WHAT? Not my BFF…..she’s a fighter! She wants to win, just like me! hahahahahahaha
    I bet you guys were crazy funny! Shucks….I would have loved to see that VIDEO!!!!

    Bring it! Mrs. Wii champion!

  2. Your weekend sounds like it was a blast! You wrote about it in such a fun way…pulled me right in. I suspect part of the reason your sister is so special is because YOU are such a sweet sister to HER!

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