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A Glimpse of Spring February 12, 2009

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On my way home from work yesterday I saw two little girls with their bikes lying in the ditch as they were picking buttercups. This brought back a flood of memories for me. I don’t know what it is about buttercups that makes me get so excited and filled with warm cozy feelings. I smile as if sunshine were on my face. I looked for other glimpses of my cherished buttercups on my home, I did see a few more bunches. It made my day. It was like a litte gift from God. A glimpse of spring.  I have to say that buttercups are my favorite flower of all time. I think it’s because they remind me of being a little girl on my grandparents farm. They had a field of buttercups out by their house.Me and my sister would run out to the field and pick a bouquet for our mom and grandmother. We would rush to the house with a big smile and say, We picked these for you.We would hold up a bunch of buttercups for each of them and they would smile and give us a big hug.

Today when I see buttercups I feel my grandmothers arms around me. She has been dead for ten years, but there are times I feel her as if she were still here. Buttercups are one of the things that brings back such sweet childhood memories of me and my sister with our mom and grandmother. Those were the simple days. We had a great time playing on our grandparents farm. We would play in the branch that ran through the field. Swim in the creek. Fish in the pond. Watch as our grandmother milked the cow, or gather the eggs.  I even remember a time when she picked up a chicken and rung its kneck to kill it so wer could eat it. They also had goats that we would chase around. We would play on my granddaddy’s farm equipment and pretend it was a carnival ride. I can rememember just sitting on the front porch swing for hours. Of course in the summertime we would get one of granny’s canning jar and poke holes in it and see who could catch the most fireflies (or lightening bugs). It is funny how a simple flower growing on the side of the rode can bring back a flood of memories.

My husband and  boys have always picked buttercups for me, because they know how much I love them. I squeal with delight with each bouquet. I proudly display them on the kitchen table and throughout the house. I also passed the torch to my two nieces. I took them to the same field that me and my sister picked buttercups and made pictures of them picking buttercups for their moms and nanny (my mom). It was a very special day. Then the next year the sweetest thing happened. My nieces run into the house with their hands behind their backs smiling the most beautiful smile and said, Aunt Marilyn we got you something. I was so thrilled when they each handed me some buttercups and said we know how much you love them and we love you. What a blessing a simple flower can bring.

What reminds you of a special childhood memory? I would love to hear your stories!


One Response to “A Glimpse of Spring”

  1. I have an early morning flight to catch ( I have got to get to bed!) so I can’t leave a childhood memory right now, but I loved your story. I can feel the joy. What lovely times you had as a child. What a blessing. Buttercups are so pretty. Even their name makes me smile.

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