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Have You Ever Been To A Barn Dance? February 22, 2009

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Friday night we had a barn dance for our appreciation dinner at Birth Choice. Yeehaw!!! It was actually in a horse barn. I am a southern girl through and through, since I am from Tennesee, and I have been called a Tennesee Bumpkin, but I have to admit I do not like country music and I especially don’t like blue grass.  Well that is exactly what we had for our entertainment while we ate one of my least favorite meals…barbecue….but one of my husbands favorites. I entertained the people around my table by making fun of the music and complaining about the food. I know that is not nice. It was all in fun. I ate the food anyway. Nobody I talked to liked that kind of music, so we had fun laughing about it. Don’t get me wrong they were good at playing and singing, it is just not my kind of music. Then after the meal they wanted everyone to grab a partern for some good ole fashioned square dancing. I set this one out. We laughed at all the brave souls who got out there and tried their luck at square dancing. It was hillarious. Then they switched to line dancing. I thought I would give this one a try. They taught us the moves and then we did the dance all together. I actually enjoyed it, so I stayed out for the next one too. Then I grabbed me a partner, my hubby, and we joined in on the square dancing too. We bowed to our partners and dosi dooed and bowed to our corners as we swung around to find our partner for another dosi do. I have to admit I have not had this much fun in a long time. I was so sore when I got home I couldn’t hardly walk.

Iffen youns is a lookin’ for a good ole fashion idie for a good ole time, I would suggist a hoe down or a barn dance. All youns need is yous a partner and a barn. You might jist rustle up some grub to go alone with it iffin yous wants to. This promises to be a swinging good time. Yeehaw!!!

Ya’ll come back now ye hear.



One Response to “Have You Ever Been To A Barn Dance?”

  1. wanda Says:

    I knew it……you’re just a bumpkin through and through! 🙂

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