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The Family Table February 22, 2009

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You know in these days and times it is hard to get the family all together for a family meal. I know it is for my busy family. After years of ministry and homeschooling where we did have lots of time together to enjoy the family meal time, we just don’t get that privilege very often these days.

Randy is not pastoring right now, he is working at Sears where he works most weekends and an occassional Sunday. I work 3 days a week as a secretary and volunteer one day a week at Birth Choice as a counselor and teacher. We are also busy in our church. Dustin is a Senior in College and works at the college wellness center and sings in the choir at a church. Cody is a sophomore in college and a waiter at Outback. Tanner is still homeschooled. This has made it difficult to find time to be all together since our schedules collide most of the time. I didn’t even mention that both Dustin and Cody have steady girlfriends that they spend time with.

Well I was very blessed today. Kandace, Dustin’s girlfriend had come to spend the weekend with us. She lives about 3 hours away, so we don’t get to see her very much. Dustin took her to a ball at Union, so she was able to come for a visit.  Cody and Jessica  were also able to come, as well as Cody’s friend Preston. Since I realized everyone was able to be here on Sunday for lunch. I planned a good ole southern meal. I cooked homemade chicken dumplins, friend potatoes and onions, green beans, rolls, and strawberry bundt cake with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberrys on top. I did tell you I was from the south and we know how to cook some good food southern style. Which usually means lots of starches and very fattening. That is why it is soo good.

I had to start the meal on Saturday night and even skip Sunday school to finish it in time because Randy had to be at work by 1:00. This was cutting it a little short for us all to be together. He had to eat a little early so he was finishing up as we were starting. We almost made it all together.

I grew up going to my grandmothers for Sunday dinner when I was growing up. Then when I got married we started going to my moms. Now I guess it is my turn to start cooking on Sunday’s so my boys will come around. Does that mean I am getting old? I am thankful to my granny and mom that taught me how to cook and show love to my family by having them all join around the family table. It is a rare occassion these days for us, but I do feel blessed to serve these special people God blessed me with.  Do you have family meal time? If so is it on a regular basis, or like our family just a few treats here in there?





I want to share a picture of Dustin and Kandace just before they left for the Ball. They enjoyed doing some ballroom dancing.



One Response to “The Family Table”

  1. The meal looks and sounds delicious! ‘Specially that Strawberry Bundt Cake! Mmmmm!

    I, too, love cooking for my family. We always had family meals together, but of course that changed as the kids grew up and had individual schedules. Miss those days.

    As a child, my mother cooked huge dinners for our family of ten. How she did it with eight kids, I’ll never know. But I definitely inherited her love for hospitality. And I’m glad.

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