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Disc Golf February 26, 2009

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Today me, Randy and ‘Tanner wanted to get out and enjoy the warm day so we decided to go to Muse Park. We had never been there and we wanted to check it out. I knew the park  had a lake, so we took Tanner’s new remote control boat to play.


 I also wanted to walk some trails. As we were about to start our walk I discovered something interesting. I called Randy over to see what it was, he came to see the sign that read “Disc Golf”.


 We had never heard of it, but we are always up for a new game. We think hey we have some frisbee’s at home so we’re going to run home and get them and  go back and play. We call Dustin to see if he wants to play and he informs us that you have to have a special kind of disc to play. We  think hey we will run to the Dollar Store and get one, wrong, then we tried Wal-Mart they didn’t have any either. We then run to Dick’s Sporting Goods and find out that this is a serious sport. There are all kinds of disc for different speeds, and distances. Just like golf that has different clubs for different distances there are disc for the same reason. It can also be just as costly as golf. We couldn’t believe how much it would cost for us to each get a set of our own. We decided to buy one whole set and one driver disc each.


We went back to the park and played 18 holes. It was so much fun. You start off with your driver and throw it as hard as you can to get as close to the basket as you can. Then you either use your driver again or the mid-range disc according to how close you got to the basket. Once you are close enough you use your putt-and-approach disc. The course was about a mile long inside the woods. You had to throw around trees, bushes, hills, ditches and all kinds of terrain. We felt like we had gotten our exercise for today. We will definitely play again.





One Response to “Disc Golf”

  1. wanda Says:

    Oh yea……you would find it……MISS COMPETITIVE!
    I know how you are. Go ahead….practice up. You’ll be challenging me and my peeps next time, won’t ya?

    My guys loooooooove freesbie. They spend a fortune on one freesbie (they buy the good ones…..only). They will go out and throw for hours together.

    We usually have one with us wherever we go. The game sounds fun! Glad you found it.

    Our weather is back and forth still. Possible snow showers this weekend. 😦 Ready for it to get warm. Except that means…closer to June! 😦

    I MISS YOU……I NEED YOU……been really stressed lately.

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