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Happy Birthday Marilyn! You’ve been blog-jacked! March 25, 2009

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If as you travel this life you find a friend as special as mine….YOU ARE BLESSED!  I found my sweet friend over 10 years ago.  I never saw it coming!  I was simply surrendering to the call that my husband felt lead to follow from God into ministry.  We left behind family, friends and all of life as we knew it to attend seminary eight hours away.  I wasn’t too worried about making friends, but I had no idea that I would find the one that would stick closer than a brother.  I have never had a cross word with this girl and I can’t think of why I would.  She’s precious.  She makes me a better me.  I love you Marilyn.  I wish I was there closer so we could do some real celebrating!  I miss you!  I hope you have a fantastic big 40!  You deserve it!

Here’s a few things about my special best friend!

1-She lives outloud for Christ.  This is so inspiring to me!

2-She loves her family unconditionally. 

3-She has a passion for other’s.  She’s not selfish at all.

4-Her heart breaks for anyone hurting.  She has her own problems….but she thinks of others.

5-She is a beach-a-holic like me!   Bring it on, baby!

6-I can praise God when I’m with her and never feel weird.

7-She will listen to anything I say.  Even complaining!

8-She’s very beautiful.  Just look at her!

9-I can start laughing as soon as I think of her.  She doesn’t even have to be there or say anything.  She’s that funny!

10-She is a good cook.  No matter what it is.

11-She likes to have fun!  She’s the original party girl (before it went bad)

12-She’s classy!  Even when she’s broke….she looks good.

13-She is SmART!  Really smart…for a bumpkin girl!  🙂

14-She knows the WORD!  I need her brain somedays.

15-She appreciates the finer things in life, like me.  You know?  Starbucks, shopping, sleeping in, playing with your kids, vacations, worshipping!

16-I can trust her with any secret!  She’ll never tell.

17-Her love for other’s makes me want to be better at reaching out too.

18-Her faithfullness is off the charts.  Life hasn’t been easy…but she never gives up.

19-She is so talented.  She has the coolest gifts.  She can take a song and make it into the most beautiful interpretation.  WOW!

20-Her competitiveness will knock you out!  The girl is a winner!   At everything!

21-She’s strong!  Her ability to withstand the storms of life is incredible.

22-She rocks as a photographer!  Her photo’s are amazing!  It’s just her hobby!

23-She says the most hilarious things.  I still love the comment at the school festival that day.  This ain’t no Christian music!  IT’s bluegrass!

24-She will play anything!  And win!

25-She never minds visiting…even when it means missing out on her own family’s holiday.

26-Her kids are amazing!  Good mama’s rock on!

27-Her husband thinks she is all a dat!  He’s still in love!

28-She loves all the same things as me……Bible study, speakers, retreats, Christian artists.

29-She’s a great singer.

30-Her friend loyalty goes deep.

31-I can count on her to back me up.

32-She’s fun to people watch with.  Heehee.

33-Midnight runs to Krispy Kreme… more words needed here!

34-She prays.  Without ceasing!

35-She’s a great co-worker!  We taught school together back in seminary days.  It was awesome!

36-She understands people are flawed and that our hope is in Christ…not one another.

37-If she could….she’d bless everyone however they needed it.

38-Staying at the beach with a gaggle of women….she’s my favorite in the group.

39-She loves God and makes me love him more too.

40-She’s the best friend a girl could have.  I will cherish her forever!




2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Marilyn! You’ve been blog-jacked!”

  1. Don Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARILYN! The friendship between you and Wanda is precious…obviously a gift from our wonderful Heavenly Father. God bless you both.

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