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Family Travels March 28, 2009

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We have put some miles on the vehicle in the past week. It all started on Tuesday the 17th, we went to Memphis for Tanner’s birthday. We were going to the zoo, but we got in a traffic jam and the zoo was full. We drove on into Arkansas just cause. We play a game of disc golf at a park in Memphis. We met a pastor friend for dinner at Chilli’s. Then we took Tanner to ride go-karts.

Thursday the 19th we go back to Memphis to hear Dustin sing with the Union Singers as they leave to go on tour. They went to Mississippi, New Orleans, LA, Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, and back to Columbia, TN and then home. They really but some miles on the tour bus. They had 14 different performances. The highlight of the trip was a homeless guy jumping on the moving bus and robbing the bus driver. The bus driver final stopped int the middle of the rode and made him get off. They also got to hang out with “Casting Crowns” in Atlanta. Mark Hall requested they come and meet the band while they were rehearsing. Cool!!!

Dustin and Mark Hall



Thursday night at midnight we leave to go to my mom’s. We get there at 3:30 a.m. We hit a deer on the way. We were going 70 mph. when it ran in front of the Suburban. It did a little damage, but not much. I am thankful we were in the big rig.

Friday, I stay at my mom’s while Randy, Cody and Tanner go to Bristol for the NASCAR races. The Lord came through with a “FREE” place for them to stay. It was a trailer behind a children’s home. They even fed them breakfast. God is so good. Cody got to be on stage with Daryl Waltrop in a contest. He won and got to compete the next day. It was on TV. Tanner got to meet some drivers and get autographs. They had a wonderful trip. I pray blessings on all the ones who made this trip possible. Pam for getting the tickets, John for hooking us up with the place to stay, considering everything was booked for 2 hours out. The children’s home for allowing them to stay. The man who donated the tickets and Don for giving Tanner a $100 for the trip. It was so unbelievable!!!


While they were gone I spent time with my family. Mom, Dad, Melanie, Mikayla, Mary Beth and I went out to eat on Fri. to a seafood buffet. Then we went shopping.

Saturday, Me, Mel, Mikayla and Mary Beth go back shopping at Florence, AL. We ate at Olive Garden. Melanie bought me a new pair of Yellow Box.

Sunday, Mom cooks a birthday dinner for me and the whole family comes over. We play cards while dad has the TV blaring, my nephew plays the guitar, my nieces chase the two dogs and they are barking all while we are ALL talking loudly to each other. IT WAS A BLAST!!!
You got to love the chaos. I do!!

Monday, Randy and the boys arrive sometime in the early morning hours. I slept through it. We go by and visit Randy’s dad on our way home.

Tuesday, we go to work. After work we decided to go to St. Louis for my birthday. We grab the suitcases and head out. We stopped and ate at Lamberts. It is the home of the “throwed rolls”. It was alot of fun and lots of food. We arrive at our hotel at midnight or later.

Wednesday, we get up and enjoy a hot breakfast at the hotel. We go to the St. Louis Zoo. When we got to the zoo we realized we had left the camera at the hotel about 15 minutes away….so no pictures of our trip. We spend the day strolling through the zoo looking at all the animals. If you haven’t figured it out already, I like the zoo. After the zoo we went down to the ARCH. We toured the museum. We were not able to go to the top. I wouldn’t anyway’s, I am scared of heights. I am a big chicken. That thing is huge. I got nervous just looking at it. We went down to Union Station and ate at Landry’s. That was some good food. The waiter brought me a banana’s foster for my birthday….it was delicious. I really liked St. Louis. There is alot of history there and a lot to see. Then the fun was over and we had to drive home. We got home about 1:00 a.m. and we had to go to work the next morning. Back to the real world. Our travels are over for now.




One Response to “Family Travels”

  1. wanda Says:

    You live a wild life lady!

    I love a little chaos…but not as much as you!

    It sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you didn’t get hurt by the crazy deer.

    Oh and the Mark Hall thing….I can’t quit thinking about what you said Mrs. Whatserface (the piano teacher) said about Mark Hall.
    You don’t want to grow up and be like him….hahahahahahaha
    So funny!

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