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My Mission Update March 30, 2009

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I have not posted lately about Mission Jackson. I am still going out into the community on Sunday afternoons doing backyard Bible club with the kids behind the church in the project housing. We have had some big events lately and are planning a big Easter Eggstravaganza next Sunday. We will have the big jumper, Easter egg hunt, Easter story with the resurrection eggs, cake walk, food, prizes, games. It will be a great time for the kids and their families. We hope to share the love of Jesus with each family. We pray that many will come to know Jesus as their Savior.

I have also joined another ministry called “Clean Slate”. We are a small scale version of “Extreme Home Makeover”. We have renovated a couple of rooms at the women’s shelter. It has been a huge success in the lives of the women there. Two have been saved, and several have started attending church. We are planning to do several more rooms. We put in tile floors, painted the ceiling and walls,  and redecorated the whole rooms. We also had a baby shower for one lady who had a premature baby and is bringing the baby home on Tuesday. The baby was born in January.

We also renovated a ladies home that was recently divorced. She was a Mormon and a lady from our church lead her to the Lord. Her husband cheated on her and left her after 30 years of marriage. She didn’t get anything out of the divorce. She was once wealthy and now has very little. She had bought a very small old house that needed lots of work. She had done alot of work already. Her foundation was sinking and need to be jacked up. Our team went in and jacked the house up, put in new floors, new carpet and linoleum, painted and redecorated the whole house. I got a chance to talk to her one evening and she shared with me her shattered heart and shattered dreams. She just cried as she told me about her husbands betrayal. My heart has been broken for her. I just pray that God will wrap her in his arms of love and bring healing to her.

I am so blessed to be a part of a church that is involved in sharing Jesus in the community. It is hard to choose which ministries to get involved in. I love to do them all. I have to sacrifice not being in the choir to do these other ministries. I love to sing, but I feel I am needed in the mission field.

Another passion of mine is my Tuesday’s that I volunteer at Birth Choice. I get a chance to share the gospel with girls that come to us in crisis pregnancy. This has been a very rewarding ministry. Please be in prayer for crisis pregnancy centers all across our nation as we come under attack. I got word from our director that on April 13 that NARAL and Planned Parenthood was going to be protesting clinics like ours. We don’t know for sure if ours will be one of them or not.

Our church is planning to have Easter services at the Oman Arena. We have 3 services each Sunday morning, we never get the whole church family together so our pastor decided to rent the Oman Arena so we could have our whole family together and have room to invite the community. I am excited to see what the Lord will do in this service. The Oman seats 5,000 people. I pray we fill every seat. I am on the Decision Making team. I pray that each member will have the opportunity to lead someone to Christ. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a member to Englewood. If you want you can check out our church website and even listen to our pastor preach the Word of God. Our mission is to love God and love people.



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