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A Composer is Born! April 27, 2009

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I know you have heard of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach,Chopin, Handel and Brahams now let me introduce you to Dustin Nelson an upcoming composer of our day. He has played piano composed by these great composers of their day and now plans to compose music of his own from his day.

Dustin is my oldest son. From as long as I can remember Dustin has had a heart for music. He gets it honest. I have always loved music. Nothing moves me more than music.Dustin says nothing challenges him more than music. 

Dustin began playing piano when he was 6 years old. He took his first piano lessons from a college piano student, Kenny Rouso, in Graceville, Fl. Then we continued lessons with Mrs. Linda Vaughn for a few years. From there he continued on his own because we couldn’t afford to pay for piano lessons. We did continue to buy the books and he taught himself. He has always been a gifted child at whatever he does, from academics, to music, and even sports. When he went to college he received academic and piano scholarships. It was such a blessing. The professors could not believe he was mainly self taught. He was awarded a piano scholarship. He had to compete for the academic scholarship over a two day period, he didn’t win the overal Presidential scholarship, but he won the Provost. It is hard to believe that his days are almost over a Union. He will become an Alumni like his dad. We love Union University.

 He  is graduating from college in a few days. He passed his big piano hearing for him to graduate…woohoo. Now it is all down hill from here. He will be having his Senior piano recital on May 8th. That will be a big time of celebration for him. To him it is bigger even than graduation. All of the family will be coming in to listen to him play piano for an hour. His peers and music professors will be present as well.

Since being at Union he not only studied piano, but also theory and composition. He also sings in three different choirs. He found that his true passion is composing music. He enjoys taking a blank music page and creating beautiful music to be played by himself or others. Well, today was an awesome day for him. Dr. Boud a music professor at Union chose one of his music composition pieces to play for the prelude at First Presbyterian Church. He composed music to Psalm 63. Me and Randy went to hear his music being played by Dr. Boud on a pipe organ. It was so awesome to see Dustin’s name  in the bulletin giving him credit for the arrangement. I was so proud of him.  I tried to record it, but it was not good. It picked up too much of the background noise. He will have his compostion recital the week of graduation. I think they will record it professionally. I can’t wait to hear the Union symphony band play his music.

He plans to go to grad school and get a degree in music composition. He wants to compose music for churches.He says that music is the only thing that really challenges him. I pray that God will direct his steps and give him opportunities to use his talents for God’s glory. mission-jackson-008

Dustin at First Presbyterian today in his choir robe. I know he looks like a monk.


Dr. Boud at the organ.

Dustin Nelson Composer

Dustin Nelson Composer


One Response to “A Composer is Born!”

  1. wanda Says:

    All I can say is….WOW! I am so excited for him and you! I would be on a cloud proud!

    You go boy! Dustin, rocks!

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