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Out of the blue! May 1, 2009

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Isn’t it nice when out of the blue someone calls that you have not heard from in years. I got a call from a friend from over 20 years ago. She was my best friend from our first church. Her name is Melissa.

 When we went to Oakridge I was a young mother. Dustin was just a baby. My friend Melissa had two sons around 8 & 9. We hit it off and were good friends for many years. Randy was pastor there for about 3 or 4 years. It was a small one room church with split bottom pews and no air conditioning, not to mention “NO BATHROOM”. Well, there was an “OUTHOUSE” in the back. There was nothing even close to this church. Sooo if you needed to go, you either went to the outhouse or held it for about 45 minutes. While in the outhouse you better hold your nose. No kidding. I had Cody while we were there. The church was there for us when he was put in NICU and came close to dying. They visited us, gave us gifts and money. When I took Cody to church I had to go sit in the car to breastfeed him because there was nowhere else to go. It was a challenge with two little ones. But one thing for sure those people loved us. They were so good to us. We have never felt that way about another church. It took us 45 minutes one way to get there and there was only about 17 people, but it was so sweet. Melissa was the only other young person in the church and her kids were the only kids.  After we left the church closed its door, except once a year when they had decoration and homecoming. They asked Randy preach for homecoming every year for about 15 years. They finally stopped even having homecoming. Melissa told me that the church burned down. That was such sad news. This church has such a special place in our hearts.

Melissa and I stayed in touch for years. She came to visit me when I lived in Florida. As the years past by and our lives got busy we lost touch. We would call each other from time to time. We had not talked in a few years when she called me Wednesday night. She said she found me on yellow pages. It was such a nice surprise. She only lives about 45 minutes from me, so I decided yesterday to call and get directions and go for a visit. We had a nice visit catching up on old times. Her son was there and he is now 31 years old and has twin 6 year old girls. Where does the time go.  It’s so nice that with friends no matter how long you are apart you can always pick up where you left off.

Melissa lives on a nice 120 acre farm and has a new home. I was so upset when I went to take pictures and my SD card was not in my camera….so no picutures. 😦


One Response to “Out of the blue!”

  1. wanda Says:

    Oh man! No pictures? Dern!

    That is so awesome that you were able to reconnect! See…’s the little things God does that reminds us…..HE’S NOT MISSING A THING GOING ON IN OUR LIVES!!!

    Love you–friend!

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