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Goodbye Teens May 12, 2009

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Cody turns 20 today, he is no longer a teenager. I am so proud that God chose me to be his mom. He is very special to me. I will give you 20 reason why he is so special.

  1. I am thankful that God didn’t take his life when he was born. Cody almost died when he was born, he was taken in an Angel III moving NICU to Vanderbuilt and was on a ventilator to keep him alive. He stayed in the NICU for 7 days.
  2. Cody was the sweetest baby. He was so cute and cuddley.
  3. He was a fun child to be around. He loved life and loved people.
  4. He has always been a mama’s boy.He enjoyes snuggling up with me and watching a movie, even last night.
  5. I am thankful that I was able to lead him to the Lord when he was 7 years old, and continue to teach him to love the Lord.
  6. I enjoyed being his teacher for the first few years of his life.
  7. He loves his brothers and gets along with both of them. He loves all of the family, especially his nanny.
  8. He loves his friends and is fun to be around.
  9. I enjoyed getting to watch him play sports from T-Ball to Little League and on to High School Football. I even had the privilege of being his coach for a few years.
  10. Cody is a great actor, he was great in the church plays and has a good sense of humor. He can make you laugh.
  11. We worked together in drama and could bring an audience to tears.
  12. Cody loves music, he is a good bass guitar player and has played on several praise teams.
  13. Cody can make me smile when he is being silly.
  14. He is a faithful fan of Mark Martin, NASCAR and Florida Gators, Football.
  15. He loves children and they love him. He will make a great father someday.
  16. He is a caring and loving son. He is sensitive to me when I need it.
  17. He has a heart for God and wants to live for Him.
  18. He is a devoted boyfriend to Jessica.
  19. He is a hard worker and a responsible young man.
  20. He will go far in this world and do great things for God.

Thank you God for Cody and the 20 years he has been my son. Thank you for the time we have shared together. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for his future. I pray that you will guide him and direct his steps. Give him wisdom to make godly choices. Be with him as he moves away to Murray State. Open doors of opportunities for him to use his gifts for your glory. Keep him in your loving arms and bless him.

Cody on his 20th Birthday

Cody on his 20th Birthday


2 Responses to “Goodbye Teens”

  1. wanda Says:


    You’re gettin old, dude!

  2. Oh. My. Heart. This mother of three sons understands SO well!

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