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“My Man” June 26, 2009

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I know it is not “Father’s Day” but I wanted to take this time to give a tribute to my husband, Randy. He is a great husband and father, and I take him for granted way too much. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He loves me and our boys and tries to make us happy. I know I make it difficult for him sometimes, because I am hard to please.  He is man of great character. He is an example to our sons of what it means to live a Christian life. He is devoted to our family. He works hard to provide for us. He is also a “Mr. Fix-it”. I have never had to hire a repair man for anything whether it is something to do with the house or cars. He can fix just about anything. He can do electrical work, plumbing, automotive work, construction work, and just about anything. His nickname is “McGuiver”.  We count on him to fix all of our problems. It is nice to know that we can count on him anytime. He will drop whatever he is doing to come to our rescue, even in the middle of the night.   He wants to give us so much more than he is able to, for that I love him. He knows how much I love the beach and he is taking me next week, even though it is not his favorite place. He would rather make me happy than himself. Thank you for loving me that much.

 I am blessed that God brought us together 24 years ago. I know that it is God who will keep us together in this world where divorce is on the rise.  It scares me to think about my life without Randy. He is the one I depend on for everything, of course that is second only to God.  He is also the one I blame when things aren’t going my way, for that I am sorry. I love you with all of my heart and pray that you know that. Thanks for all you do for our family. You mean more to us than you know. May God bless you for your faithfullness to Him and to our family.

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2 Responses to ““My Man””

  1. wanda Says:

    You forgot to mention……he’s a great bird caller too!

    Whipperwill, whipperwill! 🙂

    He is so super! Randy…..YOU THE BEST!!!!

    I can testify to his handy work….he’s helped with just about everything when he’s around my house. Oh and let’s not forget that time I locked my keys in my Suburban at the beach!!!
    Gotta love those suburbans and Randy!

  2. What a special tribute, Marilyn! We live in a male-bashing society and I love that you have honored your wonderful husband this way. May God bless you both.

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