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Block Party!! July 20, 2009

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This past Saturday our Mission Jackson team led a church from Lebanon, TN in a backyard Bible club block party at a new location we are jump starting at The Village apartment complex. Each team leader was assigned a color and a team of youth from the church. We were given an assignment for the block party. I was the red team. I was given 6 youth for my team. We were the coolest team there. My team was in charge of the games…woohoo. I like games, we had a sucker board, ball toss, and corn hole. We went door to door inviting the tenants to come to our party. We had the big blow-up jumpers, games, food…(pizza, chips, drinks, ice cream, and snow cones), face painting, balloon animals, water guns, water balloons, door prizes, and of course a Bible story skit. It was all in all a huge success. We had about 50 0f us and maybe 50 – 75 of the tenants. The weather was perfect. God had given us a low 80’s and very mild day. We had 2 0r 3 salvations…AWESOME!

As we were packing up to leave a young single mom of 3 preschoolers showed up disappointed that they had missed out. I tried to round up some things we had leftover to give them. I found some coloring books, suckers, and stickers to give them. Then I noticed the guy doing face painting still had a line, so I rushed the girls over to get their faces painted. I also noticed the guy doing the balloon animals was still making balloon animals, so we got in line for that. When it came time for the girls to get a balloon he ran out of  balloons. I apologized to the mom. She said that it was ok. One of the little girls asked me to open her sucker for her. I was trying to get it unraveled when I noticed all of the buses had left, but one. I shout to the bus driver not to leave me. I was still trying to get the sucker undone as he was waiting. The mom made a comment that has really bothered me. She said something to the effect that I had done my good deed for the day. I had to hurry to get on the bus, so I didn’t think about what she said until I got on the bus. Then  it hit me like a ton of bricks that she thought I was trying to get my good deed quota for the day. I wish I could have had time to share the truth with her that I was not trying to do good deeds so I could go to heaven, but that I was there because I loved them. I realize the world thinks that good deeds will get you to heaven, or only bad people go to hell. Well the truth is that we are all sinners and fall short of God’s glory. None of us are righteous. It is only through the blood of Jesus that we can have forgiveness of our sins and go to heaven. It is through Jesus alone, not any efforts of our own. We can never be good enough to go to heaven. We must trust in Jesus death on the cross to pay our penalty for our sins. On the other hand you can not sin too much that God’s grace will not forgive you. Jesus loves you and died for your sins no matter how many they may be. The Bible tells us that it is by faith that we are saved and not of our works lest anyone should boast. If we could get to heaven on our own then Jesus would not have had to die. All you have to do is admit you are a sinner, believe that Jesus died for your sins, and you will be saved.

I want my motivation to serve Christ to be one of love for the Father and Son, and love for people. My hearts desire is that my actions will point others to Christ.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14


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