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What a Bargain!!! August 3, 2009

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This weekend my sister Melanie and my niece Mikayla came for a visit. We planned to shop all weekend. That is exactly what we did. We went out to eat @ Los Portales as soon as she arrived, and then we hit our first store on the list, Khols. They were having a sale. I got a deal on panties, they were regular 3/$24  they were on sale for 3/$4.99. I would call that a bargain. Melanie bought her some panties and Mikayla got some school clothes.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the mall. We ate a cinnamon roll and coffee at Cinnabons for breakfast. We went to JC Penny because they were having a sale.  They gave you a coupon for an extra 15% off of the entire purchase. I found the deal of a lifetime here. I have been looking for new bedding for years. I always check out this department for bedding or sheet sales. Well I found an 18 piece bedding set originally $400.oo on sale for $99.00 with 40% off that and with my extra 15% off it cost only $50.00. …WOW!! I debated on whether to buy it or not. I am so glad I did. It is the most comfortable bedding I have ever owned. I also bought new pillows since they were 50% off with an extra 15%. They were the down alternative pillows. I got both pillows for $16.00 and they were regularly $40.00. I had the best nights sleep ever.

New Bedding 001

New Bedding 002

We left the mall and took my bedding home so I could put the sheets in the wash. We went to eat at Olive Garden for lunch. Melanie had recently painted her bedroom and bought new bedding so she was looking for pictures and lamp shades. We went to Kirklands and she found several pictures she liked. We checked our Hobby Lobby for some picture frames. We shopped at the Dress Barn and Melanie bought her two new dresses. We were both looking for shoes so we went to the Rackroom Shoe Store but didn’t buy anything. We treated ourselves to Maggie Moos Ice Cream. We went to Wal Mart where Melanie bought two lamp shades and I got groceries. After a long day of shopping we had decided to go home, but we decided to try Shoe Carnival first to see if we could find somes shoes to go with our new dresses. I had bought my dress at JC Penny a couple of days ago during a special customer appreciation sale,  it was reg. $70 and I paid $20. We were in luck. We both found shoes and they were buy one get one half off. So we paid $13.00 a piece for shoes, they were reg. $30.

Sunday we went to church and I cooked our favorite dish, Hamburger Corn Casserole. After we ate we went back to Kirklands to purchase the pictures Melanie had found the day before. We then grabbed a treat at Starbucks and Baskin Robbins.

Melanie had to leave for home. Tanner went home with her and to visit grandparents for the week. I am going to miss him. He keeps me company. We had a great weekend of shopping and we both found some great bargains.  I have to admit I am not a shopper normally, but I enjoy spending time with my sister and niece Mikayla. Mikayla is 8 years old and she LOVES to shop. She is so funny to watch. She is very into styles.


2 Responses to “What a Bargain!!!”

  1. wanda Says:

    JACKPOT, lady! Wow…..the bargains you guys found!
    And the yummy places to eat. I am so sad I don’t live closer to you!

    Sounds like a great trip/weekend!

    Love ya

    Yes…..I wanted to come visit you…..not this time.
    Don is very sick.
    Girls have registration and dance practice too.

  2. I am SO excited for you, Marilyn! With those kinds of bargains, I bet you feel it was well worth the wait! Good goin’! Sounds like a precious time with you sister and niece, too. We moms of all guys really appreciate the “girl time” when we get it, don’t we? 😉 You’re such a sweetheart…I’m really glad God blessed you.

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