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Candace Cameron Bure August 21, 2009

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We went to hear Candace Cameron Bure speak in Memphis, TN about two years ago. She had given her testimony of how she became an actress on Full House and how she became a follower of Jesus. We were really impressed with her desire to live for Christ. My son, Tanner, was so excited to meet a TV star. He couldn’t even speak when we met her during the autograph time. I asked her if we could take Tanner’s picture with her and she said sure. We got a couple of pictures of her.

Tanner then added her to his myspace page and she put the picture of him and her on her fans page. Later he added her to his facebook page and twitter. He has kept in touch with her this way for the past two years. She has even commented back to him and chatted with him.

I said all of that to say this, last night we drove to South Haven, MS to hear her speak again. It was about an hour and a half drive. Tanner could not wait to meet her again. He took the pictures we had taken of them before to get autographed. We arrive a little early and sat on the front roll. This time it was more of an interview type setting. She did a great job of sharing her life as a child actress on Full House and other shows she’s been a part of like her new series, “Make it or Break it”. She also told about how she had been saved at age 12, but didn’t really feel like she had changed. She had tried to be a good person all of her life. She said she thought that was good enough. Later after she was married to hockey player Valerie Bure and started her family she felt like something was missing in her life. Her brother, Kirk Cameron, shared a book with her by Ray Comfort called, “The Way of the Master”. It was after reading this book that she realized the seriousness of her sin and that by the ten commandments standards she was not good enough on her own to get to heaven. It was then that she understood her need of a savior and put her trust in Jesus. From that moment on she has had a desire to live for Christ and to let him guide her steps. She shared that her husband was not happy about her desire to live for Christ at first. She shared her faith with him, but he was not receptive and told her to quit talking to him about God. She honored that request, but continued to pray for him daily. Two years later he gave his life to Christ. They now want to raise their three kids in a godly home. She said that being an actress and having fame and popularity is not the most important thing in life. She stated that following Christ was the most important decision she ever made. If you want to hear her testimony you can check out her website @ .

After the interview she signed autographs. We got in the long line to wait our turn. Tanner was on cloud nine. It is our turn. Tanner lays down the picture of him and Candace. She looks up and says,

Candace Cameron Bure 001

“Hey, I remember you!”. She said “I see your posts on facebook. I am so glad you came to see me again.” We could not believe she remembered us. She signed Tanner’s picture and without any of us telling her his name she wrote, Tanner…Hi…Candace Cameron Bure. He was so thrilled. It made his night. He was able to say a few words to her this time. It was a great night. Many people came to the alter to pray.

Candace Cameron Bure 002

Candace Cameron Bure 003

Thanks so much Candace for sharing your life and love for the Savior with us. Thank you for making Tanner feel so special.


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