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A Busy Week! September 5, 2009

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This weekend was spent having some good ole family fun. Friday night me, Randy and Tanner decided to go to “Chuck E. Cheese”. We had a great time playing games and challenging each other on the basket ball shoot out, ski ball, and Deal or No Deal games. It was a blast. The pizza was great too. By the way if you are planning to go to Chuck E. Cheese go to their website and print off a coupon for extra tokens and cheaper pizza. Saturday night me, Randy, Dustin, and Tanner went to play goofy golf.  It was a close game. We had a 3-way tie for a long time and would go back and forth for the lead. Finally, going into hole 18 me and Randy were tied, but he beat me by one stroke. It was fun to laugh and play together. Sunday was spent in worship and rest. I went to ‘Mission Jackson” we had a great turn out. We had about 50 kids. This ministry is really booming. We had one 10 year old girl to receive Christ as her savior. That is worth it all.

Monday: I was at work and got a call from Tanner that my parents had made a surprise visit. He was trying to keep it all under wraps and let me be surprised when I got home, but I could hear my mom talking in the background. When I got home we cooked up a good ole southern meal. Mom had brought corn, okra and tomatoes from the garden. I made a meatloaf and mashed potatoes to go with the other veggies. It was a good meal. Of course we topped it off with warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Tuesday: This was Dustin’s 22nd birthday. We all loaded up in the suburban and went to see Cody at Murray State. He wanted to show us his clean apartment. He had cleaned all day on Saturday. We hung out there for a little while and played  “Rock Band” . Cody, Jessica and Preston joined us and we all went to Patti’s 1880’s Settlement to eat. This is one of my favorite places. There were 9 of us in all. We had a great meal, and spent some time walking around Patti’s. I want to say that I am so proud to be Dustin’s mom. I am proud of the man he has become. I know God will do some amazing things in his life. I love you Dustin and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your mom.

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 003

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 011

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 018

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 021

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 020

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 022

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 023

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 026

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 028

Dustin's Birthday @ Patti's 030

Wednesday: My parents got up and headed back home. I went to work and then straight to church for my Bible study. This week Priscilla challenged us to be willing to follow God into the wilderness, trusting that He knows what is best for us. She told us the wilderness would not be easy but worthy it.

Thursday: I spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. I met my friend Leslie for coffee at the “Green Frog”coffee shop. We enjoyed some good coffee and conversation. While I was there I got a call that I was offered a job at church to be the assistant to the youth minister. I have been dealing with this job opportunity since July. I am praying for guidance and direction as to whether to take it, since the salary will be less than what I am making now. I went to the library and got me some good books to read. I love to read. I read several books at a time. Then me and Dustin spent the evening shopping for his new apartment. His church had him a kitchen shower, so he got lots of great gifts for the kitchen. He was also given a gift card to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We used his gift cards and got most of the things he will need to fill his apartment. He will be moving to St. Louis this weekend.

Friday: After work we will get Dustin packed up. We will load up the Uhaul truck and head to St. Louis for the 3 day weekend. I am looking forward to spending some time in St. Louis. Of course we will visit the zoo, arch, and Science Center where Dustin will be working. The good thing is it is all FREE. I just hate to leave my baby behind. I know he will be fine. He is looking forward to living in St. Louis and being out on his own and close to his girl friend. I pray that God will open up some great opportunities for Dustin to use his gifts and talents. I pray that God will make a way for him to get into Washington University for his masters if this is what God has for him. He is yours Lord. Thank you for lending him to me.


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  1. Surely, having a close-knit family is one of God’s greatest gifts. Yours, Marilyn, sounds so loving, and so full of fun. It’s a joy to hear about how y’all interact.

    I understand well the angst of going through the stages of empty nest. I finally posted something about it in the wee hours of the morning today. Many blessings to you, and stay strong. Our faithful Lord will see us through. Hugs.

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