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A Week of Change September 11, 2009

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st. louis trip 001

Saturday: MOVING DAY!!! We loaded up the Uhaul trailer with all of Dustin’s stuff for his new apartment in St. Louis, MO. We headed out for a four hour drive. As you can see in the picture we couldn’t add one more thing to that trailer. I rode in the car with Dustin while Randy and Tanner followed behind us in the Suburban pulling the trailer. We get almost into St. Louis when we drive into a huge rain storm all of a sudden. The traffic that was going 75 mph. came to a sudden halt. We were about to crash into the car in front of us. Dustin slams on his brakes and we began to hydroplane. He was able to get us off the side of the road before Randy, who was hydro planing behind us rammed us into the car in front of us. Needless to say we were all a bit shaken up. It was a very close call. We were praising God for coming to our rescue and guiding our cars safely. We get to Dustin’s apartment I was a bit overwhelmed with the big 17 story building and the fact that it was so busy. His apartment building used to be a grand hotel that was built in 1928. It is charming. The ceilings , chandeliers and trim work are beautiful. On the top of the 17th floor is an outside sitting area and overlook. I got nervous being up here. Dustin’s apartment is on the 9th floor.  This made moving a bit challenging. We had to use a freight elevator.Kandace comes over to help.  We get his stuff moved in. We are all hungry so we go downtown to Union Station and eat at Landry’s. Union Station is a beautiful old train depot. It was a fun place to visit. We make pallets and crash for the night.

st. louis trip 007

Dustin's apartment building

Dustin's apartment building

On top of Dustin's building.

On top of Dustin's building.On the 17th floor.The Terrace on the 17th floor.

Sunday: We unpack some boxes and put his new dishes in the dishwasher. We eat breakfast and lunch at this quaint little cafe in his apartment building called 2Schae Cafe. The owners were a great christian couple. After lunch we go into a community area in the building and play ping-pong and pool. Then we go to the zoo. I love the zoo. Kandace joins us. We enjoyed watching the sea lion show. The hippo exhibit was also a big hit. We closed down the zoo. We got free hot dogs and corn dogs from a stand that had cooked too much. We went back to the apartment for the night.

2Schae Cafe owners

2Schae Cafe owners

st. louis trip 029

st. louis trip 041


Monday: We grab some breakfast at 2Schae Cafeand then hit the town for some sight seeing. We toured one of the most beautiful Catholic Basilica Churches I have ever seen. It was indescribable. My pictures didn’t do it justice.  Check out the website and watch a tour of it . We left here and went to the ARCH. On our way, we were driving down the road, I was looking at pictures on our camera from the zoo. Randy, not noticing a side street light that is RED, SLAMS on his brakes. I sling forward like a crash dummy and hit the dashboard, hard. I cut my knee, bruised my arm, and feel sore all over. We get to the arch.  I toured the museum while Randy, Dustin and Tanner went up to the top of the arch.I am a chicken when it comes to heights. I enjoyed all the history about Lewis and Clark and the westward expansion.  When they get back we go over to the old historic court house. This was disappointing because it was under construction. We go pick up Kandace and go to eat at Pie Pizza a St. Louis speciality. It was great pizza. Then we went to Ted Drewes for frozen custard. This was a famous place in St. Louis. It was delicious. Finally we gave each other big hugs and I loves you’s and me, Randy, and Tanner leave Dustin and Kandace standing in front of the hotel. We are all crying. Randy starts out driving, but after we get out of St. Louis he let me drive because he wasn’t feeling well. I was fine driving until I remembered the bridge I had to drive over from Missouri to Tennessee. I got sick at my stomach thinking about it. Tanner said mom remember, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”. Well, I couldn’t pull over and let Randy drive across the bridge after that. I had to trust God to give me the strength to drive over it myself, and HE did!!! I felt such peace as I drove over that bridge. Thank you Lord for growing my faith. We get home about 1:00 a.m.


st. louis trip 062

st. louis trip 102

st. louis trip 103

The Old Courthouse from ontop of the Arch.

The Old Courthouse from ontop of the Arch.

Tuesday: I go to work from 9:00 – 12:00. This is usually my day off but I am covering for the other secretary while she is on an Alaskan cruise. I left work and went to Birth Choice where I am a client advocate. I got a call while there to come to the church to meet with the pastor about my new job. I ran over to meet with him. It was so awesome. He welcomed me on staff and said he was excited to have me. The youth minister I am going to be working for kept saying he was super excited to have me. The best part was when the pastor prayed over me about the job and for my family. It was special. I went back to Birth Choice and met with my director to tell her I would have to change my schedule there because of my new job. I got that worked out. I did paper work until 7:30. I went home to find no groceries. So, we go to eat some Mexican food at like 9:00…not good. We run to the grocery store for milk…yeah right. We got a buggy full. I talk to Dustin to find out that he had a bad day. He was upset that his two jobs schedule collided. He was also down about us leaving. Cody had a fight with his room mate over the weekend so I called to make sure they had made up. They had. That was good.

Wednesday: I go to work and I have to tell my boss I am resigning. I was not looking forward to this at all. I prayed hard about it. God really came through for me. He gave me the courage and the words to say. My boss handled it very professionally. He even said I had done a good job for him and helped him get things caught up….whooo..that was over. I worked until 5:00 got to church by 5:30 for Bible study. Met with the youth minister afterwards about me starting to teach next Sunday. I go home and cook a late supper. As I was finishing up Cody walked in the door. He came to pay some bills and put money in the bank. He ate with us and then was off again. He told us he got a speeding ticket coming home. Yikes. It was good to see him and give him a hug even for a brief moment. I talked to Dustin and he had a much better day. He got his schedule worked out and he was in better spirits. I thank he is going to be fine.

 I miss my boys, but I have resolved to put them into God’s hands. He loves them even more than I do, and He wants what’s best for them. I am thankful for the ways of communicating we have…phones, Facebook, chats,email, etc. They didn’t have these in the olden days, when their kids left home and moved west, sometimes they never saw them again and only had letter writing that came onlyonce in a while. I have to remind myself to be thankful for the time we had and the time we will have. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family. I am love all of them.


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