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Meet My 3 Sons. August 15, 2008

I would like for you to meet my three sons.

Dustin in France

Dustin in France

Dustin is 20 years old. He is a great first born son who has a heart for God and his word. Dustin is a music major at Union University. He is a gifted pianist and composer. He also plays the guitar. He is very intelligent, musically talented, and athletic. I know you don’t usually find someone that is so well rounded. He grew up playing baseball from the time he was 4 years old until his senior year in high school. He started reading at around 3 years old. He began playing the piano at age 6. I am so proud of him that his desire is to use his talents for the Lord. He will graduate from Union next May. He plans to further his education after that, not sure where yet. He has a girl friend that he has known since he was a baby. Her name is Kandace. She is also a talented young women with a heart for God. She has a great singing voice and likes to write songs, Dustin then puts the music to them. They make a great team. The have recorded one CD. Kandace will also graduate in May. They have been together for over a year, officially. They were good friends before that.



Cody is 19 years old. He is my middle son. He was always my sweet son. He still is at times. He is a Sophomore at Union. He is not sure what he wants to major in yet. He thinks something in the medical field. Cody is a talented young man with a heart for God too. He loves working with kids. He plays the bass guitar. I am expecting great things from him. He is a waiter at outback. He does a great job serving people. He is a people person with a great personality. I am proud of the man he is becoming. He has a girlfriend named Jessica. Jessica is 17 and is a senior in high school. She is a fun loving young women. We enjoying hanging out together while Cody is at work. She is someone I can catch a chick flick with since I don’t have a girl in my house.



Tanner is 16. He is my sweet sixteen. He is so full of life and has a desire for Christ to come back. He loves keeping his eyes on the East watching for Christ return. He talks about heaven all the time. He has such a huge heart for God. He loves anything that has tires and a motor. He loves diesel trucks, tractors, nascar, go-karts, big equipment, planes you name and he loves it and has probably driven it. He has been privileged to drive all kinds of things: plane, diesels, back hoe, bull dozer, tractors, go-karts, cars, trucks, etc. He would love to be a truck driver for Jesus. Tanner’s favorite place to be is in the hayfield with his PawPaw. Tanner does not have a girlfriend yet. I hope to keep it that way. hhaha. He is my baby after all.

I do love my 3 sons and their precious girlfriends. I am the luckiest mom in the world. Or I guess I should say BLESSED!

My family and the girlfriends

My family and the girlfriends


One Response to “Meet My 3 Sons.”

  1. Friend of Christ Says:

    What a beautiful family ! A loving family that stays together and interacts with each other I personally believe is one of the most powerful testimonys of the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. I am married too and God has helped our family stay together through thick and thin up till now, although we have had very tough times and I lost sight of God many times. God is Faithful to us even when we are in the pit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
    Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a wonderful weekend, this is my prayer for you today!

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